How to start Buhurt. What is Buhurt?

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So what is Buhurt? 
Buhurt is the most awesome team sport ever. It is the mix of martial and crafting arts. It’s both love and brutality - the only sport that has you fighting in teams, using blunted steel weapons.
Thanks to the armor, it’s safer than it seems :)
The most popular buhurt types are 5 vs 5, 12 vs 12, 30 vs 30, 150 V 150! Yes, it's one hundred and fifty versus one hundred and fifty. And it's just beginning.

Just look at this!


    Buhurt involves traveling to incredible places like castles, where you can fight with friends and then rest with your buhurt family in an authentic, medieval style camp. Girls and kids love buhurt very much, too and there are wonderful teams for both of them! Soft equipment is widely available and is used in training and junior competitions. You can join full-contact steel tournaments only if you are 18 years of age or older.


      The rules are mostly simple. The most important rule is that you need to stay on your feet. As soon as you have a third point of contact with the ground - whether with a hand, arm, knee, head, or even your butt - you are out and must stay on the ground where you fell until the end of the round. When the fight is over, you rise like an immortal and fight again. :)

Cool, yeah? :D



     You can’t hit the groin, neck, feet or back of the knees with a weapon, feet or fists, and there is no stabbing - only chopping - but you can hit anywhere else. You can strike with your fists, elbows, knees, feet, head and any part of your body you can hit with. You can wrestle standing up, run and push, trip, jump-kick, and do just about anything to put your opponents on the ground - and it’s crazy fun!

     You can’t kick or push your opponents’ knees from any side. You can’t grab a sword blade (it’s stupid, I know), and you can’t use your weapon to grab under the helmet edge. You can, however, grab the wooden shafts with your second hand and use it in close combat and grappling.

    You need to learn all the rules, of course, and know them well. Ignoring the rules is dangerous. They were written to reduce injury after a large amount of data was analyzed, and they are mostly wise and balanced. 

Importantly, equipment that doesn’t follow the safety-standards/rules is not allowed - you’re lucky, because we’ve taken care of that for you. Everything you find in our shop is focused purely on buhurt sport. Our gear is designed and made according to the official rules and regulations, and we closely follow all updates to remain current.

   When the armor and weapons follow the regulations and are made well, you can battle against your friends for entire days while using steel axes and swords - and remain uninjure​
   You can use all martial arts techniques (except locks on joints) and your full power in Buhurt. You can use teamwork, different weapons and tactics. Buhurt is more than just a sport, it’s a way of living. The way of your role in battle. The way of your personal martial art. It’s a lifestyle of fightstyle. Buhurt is a good place to meet people and make friends - your buhurt team becomes your family, and your best friends.

    Buhurt sport was born in late medieval times when armor-making reached a technological zenith of efficiency, beauty, and functionality - providing an incredible level of safety to the wearer. Like immortals, heavily armored knights were military elites in medieval times. Buhurt sport allowed them to have regular practice to develop their battle skills. Also, it was always an entertaining show and everyone loved to watch it.

     Now, buhurt is even more crazy! The steel is better and the weapons are heavier and stronger. These days, it’s much easier to find someone to teach you a martial art, like; boxing, judo, Muay-Thai, wrestling, MMA - all are great backgrounds to help develop advanced skills and conditioning that you can use in buhurt.   

   Buhurt is a worldwide community - a large family of fighters and supporters who are very passionate and helpful, always willing to give advice or lend a hand.

   Buhurt is about traveling to medieval tournaments, visiting interesting places with your family and friends to find glory in the lists, or just fighting for fun and enjoying moments of Valhalla.

   Wearing quality armor is like having a premium account with all of the bonuses - when you have it, you have so much fun fighting hard the whole day without fear of injury. It’s easy to be brave when you have good armor. You also can’t deny that armor looks cool, and it’s always a great way to start a conversation - people will ask about it, for sure. :)

    Armor can be made from steel or titanium. Steel must be the correct type and thickness, as well as be hardened for safety and durability. Hardening/tempering steel just makes it stronger. The wrong type of tempering can cause cracks, which is very dangerous. A crack on the helmet can cause a fatal accident. Choosing not to harden the armor allows for it to be quickly and more easily dented, which can cause serious injury. Choosing the right equipment is one of the most important steps. So, choose your supplier accurately and don’t rush with the choice.

Buhurt armor can also be made with titanium, and it’s magic! You know the proverb “Magic is invisible technology”? Well titanium is magic - it’s 40% lighter than steel and it won’t rust, but it’s difficult to work with and it’s more expensive than steel. Armor needs permanent care, both before and after battle. When you wear titanium, however, you spend only a minimal amount of time just washing it with water after the fight. For steel armor, you need to spend time cleaning, drying, and oiling it. Either way, permanent care of your armor is necessary because it’s your personal safety and ability to survive under heavy steel axe blows with a smile on your face. :)

    Your steel or titanium armor requires a liner, like a padded jacket, and padded pants, as well as helmet and mitten liners. The padded under-armor helps to absorb the vibration that passes from the weapons into the armor, which is a big part of what causes damage - it also protects against cuts which can be caused by armor elements. Liners need to be changed every two years, and we recommend changing helmet liners every year, as your head is the most important part requiring protection. 

We have designed the most effective armor combinations for buhurt sport, and we are always improving them, so make sure to check back often to see the newest updates!


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To enter the battle

You must have 3 essential things:


1. Equipment


    Buhurt is a full-contact steel-fighting sport that requires a full set of sport-optimised armor that covers the whole body. It must be made according to your anatomy and body measurements using good quality metal. 

When you order from Buhurt Tech, we send you video tips on how to take the appropriate measurements. The measurements should be made while wearing a padding you will use in the battle, as well as any other hidden protection you desire. We strongly recommend getting good back protection similar to that used by motorcyclists and snowboarders. Good spine to tailbone protection will suffice, nothing else is necessary as it just adds size and weight - you will wear this spine protection over your gambeson, and under your steel armor at all times.

   Remember, buhurt is a full-contact sport, and even in good armor you can still receive a critical hit. Good armor must not have gaps, and should have free range-of-motion through the use of articulated protection of the knee and elbow joints. The helmet should allow for a good balance between being able to see and breathe, while still remaining bombproof.


   Helmets must have a thick, parachute-style liner to absorb, disperse, and minimize the shockwave damage caused by direct blows from heavy steel weapons. The liner is the most important part of the helmet - doing all the work of damage absorption that would otherwise be transferred into your skull. The liner should be replaced every 10 events, optimally. Buhurt Tech’s liners will work far longer, but still should be replaced every year to insure your safety and longevity in buhurt sport.

There are many options for armor and weapons. You can be sure that choosing equipment is one of the most crucial, and important steps. Your safety and awesomeness of experience depends upon the quality of your equipment, so we recommend getting the best possible equipment you can find on the market.






     Good armor requires time to make, so you will have time for the rewarding work of training, conditioning, and self-improvement while you wait.

Warning! Don’t buy cheap armor - It’s a trap! :) Good quality can’t be cheap! Bad quality is a big mistake and it’s going to hurt or worse, get you injured. :(

Always do your research and check the reputation of the supplier before you make any purchases. Don’t be shy to ask for advice from more experienced fighters - many of them love to talk about buhurt and give advice.

Always check to make sure the supplier makes equipment specifically for buhurt sport.

Buhurt Tech is focused purely on buhurt sport, and you won’t find anything here not related to buhurt.

Why we are good at what we do:

Buhurt Tech is a project by fighters for fighters - for fighting. Our mission is to take care of every fighter possible - even if they don’t buy anything. To increase safety and minimize trauma risk. To make the fighters life nice and easy, and to increase the speed of entrance into the sport and enjoyment of their buhurt way. We design toys that have additional stats. We enchant them with technologies and hacks that make them safer, lighter, stronger, easy to use and more effective. Some of our best-sellers have become classics of buhurt protection, and have been copied in almost every workshop around the world.