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We ship goods worldwide using UkrPoshta by default, or other postal service by your request. Delivery takes 16-21 days in most countries. Shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa, and China may take longer, up to 4 weeks. The total shipping time may take longer due to customs clearance, errors of the postal service, and force-majors (lockdown for example).

The shipping cost is not included in the product price and depends on the size, weight, and destination of the parcel. The shipping cost will be calculated and provided to you after the order checkout. 


In case of the wrong delivery address, an absence of the recipient at the stated address at the time of delivery, or unclaimed parcels - the order will be sent to you again at your expense.

Before sending the parcel, we will send you a photo of the finished item/s for final confirmation. If you need any more information on the item/s or the process, don't be shy to request it, and we will provide you with more details before your order ships.

We provide you with the tracking number when the goods are sent, and we stay in touch during and after postage to be sure that everything is delivered, and you are a happy fighter :)

Please keep in mind that customs taxes are not included in the price of goods, and could be charged additionally upon receipt of the parcel, as customs taxation rules are different depending on the destination country.

Everything we do is handmade and takes time to create. Some items that we may have in stock are weapons, or popular sizes of our best selling armor choices. We have a catalog of stock items which we will be happy to provide upon request.


We forge all armor anatomically, according to your personal measurements. Delivery time may be increased if you do not provide us with measurements in a timely manner, but we understand that life gets in the way sometimes.


We have a production queue that is based on the item type and model. If you would like to know the current production time for a specific item, simply ask - we also provide you with the queue time after order checkout. 


For calculating delivery time we also include risks, statistics by each master, our experience, and focus factor. Calculating delivery time also takes time, as we are constantly generating new orders and the production process never stands still. It is also possible to have delays due to human factors, unsuccessful quality-tests, or force-majors. We will do our best to keep you up to date. Feel free to check the status of your order at any time.


Delivery time includes queue time, production time, final confirmation time, and postage. We can't guarantee accurate postage time as we don't own international postage services. Yet :) But we will do our best to help you follow your toys that are on their way, and give you all the necessary support if any issue arises.

If your order should be delivered on a certain date, please contact us before purchase to specify the date of your deadline. We might have some items in stock that are able to be sent in 1-2 workdays if it's battle-ready, or during a week if it needs some adjustments (for example, an axe needs to be hafted and wrapped with glue and wire). All specific item pages on our website are marked as in-stock because they are available to be forged, but it doesn't mean they are ready and available to ship. Contact us to get the in-stock and available item list.


Buhurt Tech has strict quality-control and provides a high quality guarantee on all products. We test products at each stage of development, and before final delivery. A true standard of high quality is one of our main values, and we strive to increase it unceasingly.

In the case of measurement mismatch, tempering, welding defects, or item breakage within the warranty term, please contact us and we will take care of everything. Please notice that the wooden shafts of buhurt weapons don't have a warranty period, because even the strongest wood can be destroyed with metal. However, if your wooden shaft has been broken in its first use, contact us and it could be replaced, too.

In case of a refund, we return the full product cost. We aren’t able to refund postage costs, payment processing expenses, and customs taxes. In case of a refund, you will need to send the product/s back at your own cost within 14-21 days. We will process the refund after receiving the item/s back.

With each order we send small gifts with toys. In the case of returning goods, please keep the gifts. Also, part of the shipping costs will be covered for you like a discount for the next order/s ;)

We here at Buhurt Technologies do our best to ensure that you receive your orders, but in the event of products being lost or damaged during shipping, we cannot be held liable. If you received your order damaged, please contact the shipment carrier to file a claim.

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