Buhurt Training

The sport of buhurt is different from any other martial-art or team sport. The wearing of armor changes the ways in which you can see, hear, and ultimately use and move your body. The nearly limitless choice of weapon styles makes choosing a particular weapon difficult. Each and every type of weapon is a different martial art unto itself. The type of weapon; length, weight, shape and grip all change how you use the weapon in combat. Buhurt also requires excellent physical conditioning. You need to train for endurance, and practice your armed and unarmed fighting and grappling skills. Fighting with an additional 30-40 kgs of armor changes how you move and fight, that’s why it is so important to choose the right approach to training, and the correct training equipment.

Training equipment

Soft armor and weapons have been designed specifically as training equipment for full-contact medieval fighting and buhurt sport. These “soft” weapons and armor give a good approximation of what it is like in a real buhurt fight, and provide a very high level of safety during intense training sessions.