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  • What is Buhurt?
    Buhurt is full-contact steel-fighting. It is the most awesome team sport ever. It is the WAY. It’s both love and brutality - the only sport that has you fighting in real armor, using blunted steel weapons (such as swords, axes, halberds, maces and poleaxes) - and thanks to the armor, it’s safer than any other full-contact team sport. And it looks awesome!
  • How old do you have to be to do buhurt?
    To participate in full-steel combat, you must be at least 18 years of age. You can, however, begin training much earlier and participate in “soft combat” where you wear soft training armor and use specific training weapons made of similar materials to the armor.
  • What do I need to join?
    You can join full-contact steel tournaments only if you are 18 years of age or older, however, you can train for doing buhurt at nearly any age. Training armor and weapons made of soft, durable materials are available and are used not only for training but for junior competitions as well (Beware of inferior training gear, if not properly made, it can end up being dangerous) For more detailed info, check this page:
  • What types of training are best for buhurt?
    Buhurt is not just a sport. It’s a lifestyle. Fighting in armor requires good physical condition and endurance. You need to train all the time. The more you train, the more fun you will have fighting on the list. Everything works: lifting weights, cross-fit, boxing, judo, Muay-Thai, wrestling, MMA - all are great backgrounds to help develop advanced skills and conditioning that you can use in buhurt. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) yields the best physical conditioning for buhurt sport that we’ve found in the U.S.A. You also need to have good grappling skills. Field grappling, grappling on the fence, grappling 2 vs 1, and surviving against many enemies at once. You need to learn teamwork, tactics and strategy.
  • How safe is buhurt?
    Although buhurt is an ancient sport, it remains one of the safest full-contact sports that exists in the modern era. Our ancestors knew what they were doing when they designed and built armor for combat centuries ago - the armor does its job of protecting the wearer, and does it so well that it took the modern firearm to make the armored knight obsolete. When the armor and weapons follow the regulations and are made well, you can battle against your friends for entire days while using steel axes and swords - and remain uninjured. Just make sure you are buying from a trusted maker, because not all armor and armorers are equal.
  • What are the rules and regulations?
    Every buhurt league has their own rule set and equipment specifications; however, there are some universal rules that reduce the risk of injury and they are mostly fair and balanced: It is not allowed to hit the groin, neck, feet or back of the knees, and there is no stabbing - only chopping (with some minor caveats about the spine and skull at certain angles) - but you can hit anywhere else. It is also not allowed to grab a sword blade, kick or push your opponent’s knees from any side, and finally, you cannot allow your weapon to grab under a helmet edge (stay away from the neck/throat at any angle).
  • How do I choose armor?
    (Note: Before choosing armor, you should find a team to train with and to ask questions of. You will be much less likely to make costly and time-consuming mistakes if you have buhurt veterans to give you advice.) One of the most exciting parts of living the buhurt life is the armor! To participate in buhurt sport, you’ll need a full suit of plate armor that meets and passes certain historical and safety standards. Never arm or armor yourself with substandard equipment, it is a safety hazard to yourself, your team and your opponents. In short, it is unchivalrous! Wearing quality armor is like having a premium account with all of the bonuses - when you have it, you have so much fun fighting hard the whole day without fear of injury. It’s easy to be brave when you have good armor. Armor can be made from steel or titanium, and must be the correct type, thickness, and hardening for safety and durability. The league you fight with most will determine the level that your armor’s historical authenticity will need to meet. Some leagues have strict levels of historical authenticity, while other leagues take a more … nuanced approach, choosing to focus more on sport and safety. Make sure you know the correct league/s you will be fighting with to avoid purchasing gear you cannot use because it violates a particular league specification.
  • What is a “composite” haft, and why would I want one?
    Composite haft/shaft is an ash core with bamboo glued to the sides, creating a stronger/more durable, lighter haft. Definitely the top choice ;)
  • What’s the difference between default sword/falchion handle material and premium grip?
    For our premium setup we use higher-quality leather, waxing, and a special wrapping technique which creates an extra durable and stylish weapon grip.
  • Can I order additional hafts for specific Buhurt Tech weapon types?
    Yes! You may order extra hafts for any weapon we manufacture
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