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Buhurt Axes

The battle-axe remains the most dangerous one-handed weapon on the buhurt battlefield. The axe has been the best friend of man and woman throughout all of human history: as a tool to chop wood for a fire, shelter, boats, and as a weapon to chop invaders and win the battle. Having all the weight culminate at the end of the weapon, the axe is designed to achieve maximum acceleration and impact-power with minimal effort - and it's a wickedly efficient tool both on and off the battlefield. In skilled hands, a one-handed axe hits like a halberd, and with the ability to use a one-handed axe with two hands while grappling, you can achieve powerful head-control over your opponent, giving you the upper hand. The axe can hook, chop armor and leather pieces off - and in some cases, even crack armor, removing your opponent from the field of battle. The axe is a serious responsibility - so remember while chopping your friends at buhurt tournaments, that Buhurt is Love!