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About us

Buhurt Technologies is a brand that unites passionate people who are focused purely on full-contact medieval battles and buhurt sport. Our team travels the world looking for adventure and those who would join our quest in creating the ultimate buhurt technology.
     Our alliance of fighters and artisans, including master armorers and weapon-smiths from Ukraine, have come together to forge professional-quality equipment for use in all current armored combat leagues; including IMCF, American IMCF, HMB and other specialized medieval fight clubs.
     Our online store has an extensive selection of armor and weapons, and also includes buhurt and duels-focused necessities and accessories for fighters of every skill level. From the most extreme-looking axes and falchions; to the safest, coolest-looking helmets, and most protective shields, gauntlets and brigandines in the sport of medieval steel-fighting, you’ll find what you’re looking for - if not, we’ll custom create it for you.
     Explore the world of buhurt with us and enjoy the fight!

     Do buhurt - this is the WAY!

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