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Welcome to the crazy and magical world of buhurt sport! If you are just at the beginning of your way, we have some tips for you. ;)


Dear Buhurt Family, 

   We sincerely thank our buhurt community for the massive support of Ukraine during these difficult times!

   The war continues, however, and in order to save the lives of Ukrainian infantry, we need drones.  We need a lot of drones.

   That’s why Buhurt Tech is launching a charity lottery. All funds collected from the lottery will be spent on drones for our soldiers.

   The first item in our charity lottery is the special edition poleaxe “Sovereignty”, with the engraving “Glory to Ukraine”. You can find more pictures of the “Sovereignty” poleaxe here: https://www.buhurttech.com/product-page/40105г-1

   To join the charity lottery from Buhurt Tech, you need only to:
Donate 50$ to our PayPal (parfentev.igor@gmail.com) - and you automatically become a participant in the drawing of the “Sovereignty” poleaxe. 

   On June 23rd at 18:00 (UTC +2) we will randomize and identify the winner live on our Facebook page.
   All proceeds from the charity lottery will go toward purchasing drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This will most definitely save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers!
Together, to victory! Glory to Heroes!

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