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Welcome to the crazy and magical world of buhurt sport! If you are just at the beginning of your way, we have some tips for you. ;)


   Buhurt Family,

   For more than two months now, Russia has waged a full-scale war and engaged in genocide against our people. Ukraine is heroically defending its independence and we will definitely triumph, because good always wins over evil!

   While most of the BuhurtTech team is defending Ukraine, those of us who stayed in the rear are resuming work to strengthen the fighting force of our team.
   On our website, you will find a large stock of goods that can be promptly sent to you. The Ukrainian postal service is fully operational - we tested and made sure of that!

  Sales tax from our goods will support Ukraine's economy. Part of the money will be spent on additional equipment for our team members who are fighting on the front lines, and we will also support our masters who are in the occupied territories.

   We are very grateful to our Buhurt Family for support. The fierce struggle continues, but we hold the line! We will definitely win!

   Glory to Ukraine!
   Buhurt can’t be stopped!

   #standwithUkraine #BuhurtIsLove

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